Beaming Light …..Learning



We have come unto a new year on this ascension journey. 2017 feels as if the new energy immediately expanded for our creating pleasures.

Expansion and Suspension feels at play here constantly.

The struggle, especially with “time”, so far, is very prominent. By allowing yourself to observe the seemingly timeline shifting, we are able to flow with this new process, one moment, one breath, at a time. This I believe, is us acclimating to the many timelines we are traversing, on many different levels of consciousness., as we rise in vibration we are also reflecting our energy and our placement within it.

There are main “themes” that are present within each day so far, of January 2017. It has been 9 days…yet, it seems at times, to be dragging by…like it should be the end of the month. Then at other moments, within the same “day” I personally feel time speeding up…so..

For’s like the “hours” are speeding by..while the “days” seem to be longer, and the “week”…so far…is at a snails pace..

Again, timelines shifting or we are shifting within many levels or frequencies of time that we are truly experiencing now, as sheer illusions…on all methods of “time” measurement.

I have a sundial….its accuracy was never failing…WAS…

Now…it truly is as if it is “backwards”…like 10 is really 2 and so on…no foolin…it’s a strange realization, that even this fine instrument of the Sun and Earth movement…has changed…or…am I observing it from a new vantage point?

And so it goes…the learning at this elevation….

I continue to Beam Light…..


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