Beaming Light…Reflections


As we observe words that are spoken, we easily see, how, when observing others speaking, they are actually speaking EXACTLY what they are doing and thinking. They are speaking of what their own actions will be and actually ARE. Even as they accuse another for wrong action, or wrong thinking, it is THEIR OWN SELF that is being exposed. This, is observed as their frustrated energy.

While they are throwing shade at others, they are housing the frustration of their own deceptions, and they get angry. Their own truth makes them uneasy, irritates their soul….

You can FEEL their truth and see their deceptions so easily, while beaming light at the observation….remember…you are not what you observe, you are the observer of that which you are witnessing…

Reflect the harmony within yourself and feel the expansion of such, be created. Your own reflections Matter.

This is us working beyond the veiled perceptions of dense energetic reflections. There are indeed many star brothers and sisters, many Masters, and Teachers from many star systems that come to share…whisper in our ears…the knowledge …yet…they cannot do the work for us…nor do they hold OUR OWN ANSWERS…simply call upon any master or Angel of your choice…they will be there instantly WITH YOU…yet you are required to create your own steps and own actions and own thoughts. They are merely reflections of your many lifetimes of remembering their presence, their energy signatures…..

Noticing the reflections in suspended space, waiting to be commanded to form, to manifest….is your que to rise in frequency, be in the harmonized balance of your own created energy.

Play with these reflections. Ignite such, while interacting with others that reflect density…and you will either witness them remove themselves…or they will begin absorbing the reflections of that which you are BEAMING TOWARD THEM…

This is an ability we work with…and meld into…as we master it here at this stage of our journey.

Easy can we see…from this point of awareness…how we reflected in the lower vibrations, before we walked beyond that bend of the beam of light…for you can truly FEEL the energy, the vibrations of the reflections.

While we were still holding onto a pattern of releasing..we were consumed with just that….and the lower vibrations of that work…kept us in a loop…until we began rising in our own awareness of our own ability….

Reflecting now beyond those patterns, you can still seemingly remember the struggle, but can no longer feel it. Soon, you will be beyond that vibration completely, and there will be no true remembering of it…simply wisdom comes to fill that space…

Truth then….removes all veils of such. The energy of reflection is immense, and is fun to master.

As you step into this stage of reflection, you realize instantly…the doorway was always open..and the layer of that veil is simply removed.

The past you struggled with. Is simply gone, for the truth is indeed, much bigger than the small illusion stories you held onto…..

The journey has changed. The story is new…and so it goes…

I continue to Beam Light




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