Beaming Light – Shinning Soul



As we step upon the shores of our life

We envision, that which was swept by the tides…

And we crave one taste…as the sea shares its visions.

As the unfolding continues….

Mesmerized by the Light…

Reflections in the shadows of the sea, rise as softly with the Full Moon

The slow dawn of remembering Rises with the Tides…

Our Life is swept into the sea…as it whispers…


The Immortal Soul……

Redeemed…..Remembering…by the Light of the Moon

Return to your Soul…by Asha

Return to your soul 
Return to your heart of hearts
To your golden dream
To the child inside
And you’ll be coming home
Home to where you first came from
Where your roots are strong
Where you once belonged
Waiting there for you
Waiting there with open arms
Let your spirit fly
Let your soul go home
Love is everywhere
It’s painted in eternity
It’s who you really are
And who you’ll always be
Set yourself free
There’s a story to be told
Just be who you are
Let your flower unfold
Return to your soul
Remember who you once were
Listen to your heart
Remember who you are


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