Beaming Light Beyond the Eyes



Each morning, for over a decade now, I walk in a gratitude ritual, out unto the morning before its rising light. I walk within my yard, my fairy garden, my Path is guided by my heart.

I am moved beyond a word these days, and have been since the last quarter of the year 2016.

I feel the language changing and the charge of energy is indeed quite different.

The Light has become so immense; I am in constant awareness of it and its reflections.

I am indeed mesmerized by each moment, each action and how alignment creates the light brighter…or shall I say more focused.

The messages that are coming are intense and indeed are quite abrupt…..

There is much chaos and archon energetics at work, and truly, the draconian nature of those in and creating such vortexes, can be easily witnessed, as their own. Observing this, from a higher vibrating space, we are not merging into such frequencies, nor are they reaching us. Those, which have come from such a world, realize…that truly, that massive chaos was indeed some of what was lived through, but most of the intensity, which seems as insanity, has mounted over the years of the awakening time, while being busy placing the past life in the grave (many times) and walking away.

You were either truly committed to doing this horrible horrendous work, or you were dabbling in such….The work is ours to do. There is no one “race” or “belief” that will miraculously save us, or save the world…dear travelers, now more than ever, it is time to know.

You have either risen beyond that struggle, or not. If you have not, and you still are challenged by the chaos and the negativity…the higher 3rd and lower 4th dimension of division, you will learn from a much different vantage point now. You say, I see my guides and I hear the elements…good…but there is indeed much more SELF work than those mere abilities.

This is not to say, you will not RISE, nor that you will not continue some grand adventure, for indeed you will.

This is simply where you are. Yet, you are not on the Higher Frequency, the dimension of higher knowing. You have not ascended beyond the lower densities…

The word higher is not such as “better” or more advanced…it means different and beyond that landscape of being affected by the duality in the world. It means vibrating beyond that old realm of vibrations. Everything is energy and the higher or faster the vibration, the more ascension takes place.

If money is a threat to you, you are in lower vibrations, if lack is a fear, or some story you believe of such, or your past is in constant need of repair or replacement, you are still in a lower density…in-between a rock and a hard turn…RIGHT?

You will not find yourself there, if you have ASCENDED beyond your past and all the hoopla you engaged yourself in to get here. You will not find yourself in struggle, if you have RISEN beyond that bend of your light…period…

Mastery comes in the knowing you have come through major rising points of awareness. You are in the ability to see yourself, and where you are placing your energy and your physical mind and vessel. Looking for others to mend your feathers…can only be a retreat from the Self, and like meets like ALWAYS…..and yet, the mending can only come from the self within. Anyone that says they can heal you…is a false prophet. Many have abilities to assist the energetic healing…if the one receiving such, does the inward work on the self. It is ALWAYS a SELF RESPONSIBILITY, for not one soul can heal another soul…..

This is what we designed our vantage point for, a few years ago, and we continued to work from there until we mastered such. We mastered these frequencies, by doing the work ourselves, while many dissed us, and called us ungodly names……we went to this higher vibrating space and acclimated to such. The awareness was learned here, and we then came beyond the story of the life that was lived so long ago, that there was nothing but echoes. Even the frequencies we were ascending from seemed dull and dying.

Doing the same thing over and over to supposedly release or let yourself go of your past indeed, your man made way to so called face your fear, to actually allow yourself to believe you are still doing the work to rise….to forward your ascension…but dear travelers, how many methods are you willing to keep repeating to RISE?

You will say…as long as it takes…and yes, that is a truth…yet…you will realize soon enough, that you are in a different vibration, called the in-between…and yes, you might eventually rise from some or all of your angst and needless frustration, yet….you will not be at the elevation of THIS ASCENSION TIMELINE.

The 2017 New Year, was when it all shifted…and you were either rid of your lifestory or you were not…no hitchhikes were given the opportunity to fake the rising…..

The last quarter of 2016 was when the energy either lifted you, or you ran from it, you were either done with your past seemingly asleep life, or you were not…or, you keep searching for who has the right answers for you, the best methods and the best advice, instead of dropping the fear of listening to your own guidance and hearing your own heart…speaking in your own power.

Still, if you were not done with your past, you were told many years ago, that you would not be doomed, and this is powerful truth…yet, you will wrestle with yourself until you listen to yourself….and do the work. Those that have risen beyond such, are observing these powerful Mastered abilities.

If you are still in the letting go..and trying old methods to get a new result…. realize this…you are of lower vibrations….period..and we can see you clearly…just like you can see the chaos…we see the falling of such…very very different view and landscape.

Yes, you are NOT in the maddening asleep world still, for you witness such, yet…you  REACT to such as well. Where you RE-act is where you will see exactly where you are…and where you feel your own energy, (reacting) is what you are producing…and if you keep “trying” to release your past, you will feel this struggle and again, go deep into that pit…it’s a long climb back out EACH TIME. Many simply tire of the “trying” and forget the “doing” and become rooted in patterns of BEING IN THE MUCK of junk energy.

Judgement of self, is reflected out into your world as you react to others and their own are reacting to your own energetic signature that dwells there.

Judgement is what you do to SELF…what you SEE in self…what you are required to heal in self…on a good day….you just pretend you are expanded.

In this new year of 2017, there is no disguise that can fool anyone…except those that are deeply in archonic ways and draconian downward spirals…creating whatever mass media stories that deflect the attention away from the reality of what is truly happening.

Many are just beginning to speak of this realm or energetic placement they find themselves at. The Mastery is indeed very real. Commanding the energy here is an immense responsibility.

Many work with this responsibility in quiet solitude for it has a direct effect on many, and this is not the intention at all, for the mastery. The higher focus is for the individuals rising ascension journey, which is the Soul advancement. It matters not what the material world is doing or becoming.

The new methods you are becoming familiar with in new energy, is your foundational patterns that you will then build upon. This phase beyond our old knowledge of awakening, is birthing many new abilities. You are mastering the creating here. The way of manifesting is indeed, very different, than in the imagination of years or even months ago….

Love truly is the powerful force of ALL for ALL to come to the bridge and to cross the Bridge….

If something in the world is irritating your skin and your mind…heal it within yourself. To try to pretend YOU ARE GETTING A NEW RESULT BY DOING THE SAME THING hurts, it creates angst and irritability, and you immediately go to your patterns of repeating….this is what was told to you ALL…that you would be DOOMED TO REPEAT….feel this…and finally do your work…or …

If this is your souls desire…to be in the struggle, then BE IN IT…and BE WITH IT….until you no longer are…when one awaken beyond your awakening….

Love is the only prayer…truly…Namaste’



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