Beaming Light Observation Points



Entering unto this new energetic reality, there are continuing “themes”. These are the soul’s monads….. The characteristics, the Soul has incarnated to experience, in form. These are birthed at the Souls’ very beginning…of ITS TIME…

These themes come up in lifetime after lifetime, in new stories, and seemingly healed in many different lifetimes as well…..and this is true…FOR THAT frequency or reality…

Let us take unconditional acceptance as a lack of this as a core theme, we work through it in many ways of karmic reflections and still, we do heal, from that patterned story…


We awaken further and still see the theme of acceptance being a struggle… So, you have healed from this so called “lack” from this childhood story, or any past story…yet


As you reside in the higher focused energy, you can now “see” it, and now you experience it coming through at this elevation…there is no attachment to a so called story for you have not created a story to accompany it…to define its reflection…the simple matter here, is, you feel and see the “lack” when it is triggered by either an event in your current moment, or when you attach the feeling to an old pattern.Even in witnessing your shadows, you see more light to them.

It is HERE, that you recognize the ENERGY of the thought and the response…and you stop and observe first, creating no story, simply seeing where you perceive lack…and there is the ACCEPTANCE…and as quickly as it came to start some kind of fire storm….instead comes a resolve…a healed pattern, and a deeply felt energy of completion.

Yes, in this new energy…the core themes seem to be THE SAME…yet with no story attached…become a wise moment of observation of the self response.

It is indeed somewhat true…that there truly is nothing NEW..simply the “same” showing up as DIFFERENT…and the wheel keeps turning, as we turn the pages and see, we have become wiser…not just with matured wisdom, but newly maturing energy response.

We are creating…WITH  those very familiar patterns…AND AS WE DO THIS, WE ARE MASTERING MANY DIFFERENT LAYERS OF NOT ONLY HEALING..BUT ALSO CREATING… and we begin responding to NEW CREATIONS to master the new energy there….DIFFERENTLY.

This is us learning in this new Realm dear travelers…..and just because we have healed from our old past stories…the underlying themes are still there….they just do not hurt in the old ways…for the story of perceived hurt or shame or any lack of, was what we once responded and reacted to…that’s it…..the frequencies are different. The Harmony has shifted….and loving yourself and trusting yourself is indeed a fine tethered line to the edge that you are walking at this elevation.

There is no faking it here…you will indeed step upon the challenge and be with it…period…so…turning away, is no longer an option…unless you wish to stray into the yard of others pain…and can mingle and morph into some ideal tormented story. You will be halted right there in your tracks…no turning back, and no going forward…until you come through the steps your Soul intends.

Truly…it’s sort of out of your human hands…and all in the intention and desire of YOUR SOULS ASCENSION……

Walk with a gentle step into each of these themes…while observing before acting…these familiar energies at work…this is you becoming a new master in a new world of ways to BE….

The only prayer is LOVE…Namaste’


One thought on “Beaming Light Observation Points

  1. wonderful, true, and? i just went through this very thing this morning. it is indeed a whole new thing in the same old thing….as we dance and move and see it from different angles it can even be…beautiful, that same old thing….in the rearview mirror….

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