Beaming Light Honor Love



It takes much courage to look within, and see who you really are…within this Unity of Self….

All judgments fall away and expose understanding, with these courageous steps, beyond the emotional attachments that have forged great suffering…

Plant your own gardens…and humbly remember…this world you create, your fine gardens of happiness and despair….dies along with your body…once you have crossed beyond this world…..if your eyes and heart thoughts no longer look upon the physical  life, there is no Light creating it….

Take yourself lightly…as Angels do…Be in gratitude for that which you share in Love, and in Kindness…..allowing your Life to grow into flowering grace….

Every Being on this planet has a grand purpose…their own SOUL’S purpose driven Life…allow each their steps in their own growth…in their own karmic lessons…in their own remembering…of who they too are…

Faith paves the path..and LOVE IS ……

Beam your Light…Namaste’


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