Nature’s “Repeated Refrains”

Aim For Even: The Daily Dose

wood-stork-0214I experience life within the frame of a single day, every day. For me, that is living in the moment. My focus is here and now, not backward or forward. I have only this moment, this day.

Things that matter take time to root

and meaning takes time to blossom.

Mark Nepo

Bud Opening 0814

It is the way of nature, “her repeated refrains” as Rachel Carson calls them.

I, too, have seeds to sow. Some will not blossom in my lifetime, which is as it should be. Others like compassion and joy or love and kindness are perennials, and I will know their blossoms time and again.

Would that I walk in a field of blossoms every day….

Too many times I do not recognize fertile ground—I only see a fallow field—I miss the opportunity to plant the seed. On those days, I escape the experience of being alive; I am elsewhere, looking…

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