And the Changes Just Keep Coming

Aim For Even: The Daily Dose

Sometimes, I am most unaware when I believe I am being most mindful. Focus is my ability to narrow the life lens but in being present, I am in the world, not just my part of it.

My focus has been on my body’s adjustment to two hip-joint replacements in the space of three months. I have remained unaware of the world outside me, believing it to go on until I am fully able to participate.


And go on is just what it has done. The energy of life is never stagnant so the world will not still as much as I may need that to happen.

I live in an apartment, and there are major management changes occurring. Rumors are rampant and regardless what becomes reality, change is a fact.

I must open my life lens. Being unaware is no longer an option, not that it ever was.


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