Beaming Light Renewal


In this relaxed stillness, in the silence with our Soul, we experience our spirituality deepen and expand, our wisdom rising as we feel under our feet….dissolving, crumpling away of the life we are stepping from and our view expands…it’s as if erosion actually lifts us from where we were. The same is true as we witness our separated self, the Unity within us Rises with our higher awareness…Union is witnessed with acceptance.

So it is, with all the rhythms of this journey of elucidation…as we accept that which “we are”…”it is”…the more we or it crumples away and becomes stronger, bolder ….renewed….

Be gentle with yourself this day. Walk with kindness in your world…step softly with each thought…and allow yourself to truly embrace how brave you are…… amazing you are…and how completely Loved, you are……

May your blessings be many as you create an amazing adventure within your day…Namaste’



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