Not Running Short of Small Change

Aim For Even: The Daily Dose

On this Monday morning I am reminded of  “small change, small wonders—the currency of my endurance and ultimately of my life” (Barbara Kingsolver).

I had an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon to mark my six-week progress of my second hip-joint replacement. First there was the x-ray and then there was its viewing.

The surgeon and I chose a frontal view. The recently replaced hip joint includes an additional plate to heal a fracture at the top of the femur.

I was amazed at how large the plate is in relation to the small crack. Now I know why that area is sore from time to time. It is the plate. However, the soreness is nothing, not even on the list of my physical issues.

The surgeon assures me the plate can later be removed. The choice is mine. I think, why disturb such inner peace? Everything is in its place–balanced…

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