another year older

Boozilla: learning to fly one room at a time

We’ve been busy of late, Gentle Reader.  Mostly the Mental Hamster getting into Olympic condition, but still.  Things did happen.

It was, in fact, my birthday last week and I decided this year a different attitude was called for.  No shopping or thing coveting transpired (aside from an ill fated attempt to buy a copy of Moby Dick online), and the Partner baked me a cake this year- I decided not to do it for once.  I relaxed into it all and rigorously chucked expectations and preconceived notions.  And? it turned out great.

Our social landscape has changed drastically since we’ve been up here.  Some of it has hurt alot, and some of it has just happened. There are definitely fewer people in our world now, anyway.  Since this is the case, and birthdays are of course, like many holidays, times when we can go overboard into the past OR…

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3 thoughts on “another year older

  1. There must be an energy of “reflecting on our Age” going around today. About an hour before receiving this Post in our Inbox, I had written-out a recent experience regarding my Age. What “I” wrote is not that important but after reading “your” information I’m feeling this is a part of the various energies Humanity is currently sifting through.

    It’s an interesting “coincidence”.


    We like your Blogsite’s tagline: “Instead of throwing shade, Consciously Beam Light.”

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    1. Thank you Paul and Silvia
      Indeed these last few days have been peeling open more clarity regarding “age” and indeed the reflection feels very prominant. Yes, synchronicities indeed are abundant.
      Its also immensely relevant regarding the Age we are stepping fully into. As we speak of dimensions, there are also “ages”….
      allowing “age” to RESET… there is no longer attachment to AGING….
      Wisdom yes…Aging…no…..
      Thank you for Beaming your Light dear Friends…
      May your blessings be many…Namaste’


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