Beaming Light Mastering Empty



As I honor my morning ritual, my gratitude walk, communing with Self and God, a new landscape keeps coming into my view. Its like openings, expanded outlines of things to come.

It feels as if it is a culmination of many lives, maybe not even mine, but there are many energy signatures, of Beings. I get a glimpse of someone reaching out to me, to hug me.

Another is pointing to a place that is not visible to my sight, nor my thought, yet, it is there. This feels like an in-between state of space, yet, in between what?

For months and months…since last September, I cannot tell you, nor convince myself, where I AM…

This state of empty is …well…expanded.


I am learning. I also am eliminating my life that lives no more in my world.

I was reading a daily subscription a few days ago, and there were 6 words in the first sentence, the last 6 words..”let it be, what is NOW”…

Simple …yet…there was a ‘tune” to this that immediately righted my balance..

This is so true, I have allowed my past that I have indeed released and healed through…it’s elevation…and as I rise beyond this awareness, I begin to eliminate these stories, these images…of places, people, and actions, as I see them in the current story…they stand outside of this time. The erosion…the releasing has truly brought the rising for their elimination in my life now.

Lived them, lived with them, lived through them, and now am understanding.

Until we eliminate our interpretations of ourselves and our relationships and our experiences…which stayed on course to the beat of one core soul lesson…we each have this…..until we accept the lesson learned and we eliminate the complete story…signatures and all…that includes our own signature within these relationships and such, we will feel the need to release, as if we have not EMPTIED ourselves of all that no longer is useful or even relevantly aligned.

Eliminating is what I have been accomplishing, struggling with….with great physical difficulty…mimicking my hardship for eliminating my old life stories…..until I read those 6 words.

As I meditated on this for a couple of days, my awareness of what I had been doing and now…what I consciously choose to eliminate and complete, comes with ease and much grace. My physical body also balances in this new awareness, the new energy flow, and now eliminates its own waste with ease and grace…and all of this was triggered by these 6 words, in a daily subscription…..

The freedom came instantly, revealing  so deep, the stuff we carry, and the methods in which we create to do so. Revealing the worth of eliminating myself from a story that no longer breathes…. revealing the worth of empty.

Through these months of uneven kilter’s, I was also in deep expansion of the body. With this, comes the physical effects that are indeed, very abrupt and immensely debilitating at times…more than not…

This rising,  affected my digestive system, my elimination system, and my neck. I get very nauseous and then it builds beyond ability to breathe…then..I sneeze…(ELIMINATE…RELEASE) and the pressure is gone, the nauseated feeling gone. Elimination of all that I have released and exposed and released some more, opens more emptiness, where ….now, I see the emptiness is a reflection of what is also within my life…not empty as in less than…empty as in enough room for new, enough room for big steps, deep breathing…. exciting expansion. The emptiness is what we must acclimate ourselves to and in fact, strive towards…..As we come to KNOW the emptiness, it becomes full of potentials. Feeling this change in the energy, I recognize the patterns forming as I discover myself in a deep allowing….as I eliminate myself further from the story I called mine….and today…am filled with immense gratitude and overwhelming joy…there is truly no longer a place to look back to…not even in my heartspace…for I have eliminated with immense acceptance…unconditional…where the truest expression of Love truly resonates.

This is not the emptying of the mental mind…this is a new place of empty…where we truly are so much more than we could have imagined…all while being more empty than we have ever been!!!!

I wrote the above yesterday April 4, 2017…

This morning, I received Jennifer Hoffman’s monthly newsletter…synchronicity on steroids….

Here is her link

Intensity!!! You bet…Elimination….…MANDATORY

Create an amazing adventure …and choose to witness the abundant blessings of each breath…in this most amazing day of YOUR LIFE…Namaste’



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