Abundance Is Our Birthright


“Yet how can you accept yourself when you have feelings such as these? How can you accept the idea of inheritance with ideas such as these? How do you accept me when you see me as symbolizing a life of “godly” poverty, and of calling my followers to abandon their worldly goods?

“Thus must this source of your anger and discontent, this source of your non-acceptance, be revealed in a new light.” (ACOL, D:Day3.15 – Day3.16)

We are meant to be called to a radical acceptance of our lives, but not to those things that we dislike. Our acceptance paves the way for change, and it is change, often, that we want. Our acceptance of poverty, if that is our situation, can pave the way to the elimination of poverty. We don’t lie down in the dust and give up. We wait for the ideas from God that will make…

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