The Ever Elusive Perspective

Aim For Even: The Daily Dose

In meditation, Pema Chödrön advises that I look around–find out what is happening–so, I do. My mind evens out.

A breeze of equanimity continues to clear my brain fog; when necessary, it takes a broom to the cobwebs.

This airing out of thought allows me to be in the moment, my only real frame of experience.

At best, my life is a single stitch in a never-ending tapestry, a speck of dust within the multi-verse. It is a perspective that eludes more often than not

But Chödrön gently reminds me that sometimes I have perspective and other times, I don’t. If I am not fearless, then I’m not fearless. What I am is afraid. I need to look deeper into the experience the moment is offering me.

And, I need to be down with it. I need to let my emotions swirl–hopelessness, frustration, even despair–each moment I experience is…

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