Beaming Light Are you Holding On?


The resurrection brought A fever RISING….. brought far away visions up close, brought peace of mind ….rising observation of the true Expression, within this form, this body so divinely prepared, to accommodate our steps, our choices, and carry us until we step forward, in certain knowing, of Self that now resides as form….

This journey, uncharted, yet embraced with eyes opened while so tightly closed in sacred meditation, the miracles of prayer born to us…as Creators.

Sacrifice gladly, your hold onto the presentation of form, allowing your Self to express AS FORM….every moment every word every thought…coming from and because of Self in Truth..Soul….Spirit..The I AM THAT I AM………

No one built this moment…you have been holding it in…tightly to your heart, and expressed it out-worldly…as the post it note you wrote yourself…. To REMEMBER…….




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