Beaming Light Revelations


“I took a heavenly ride through our silence
I knew the moment had arrived
For killing the past and coming back to life”..David Gilmore..Coming Back To Life

Our new shared vision, the vision of Soul/Self, brings new revelations of where we now begin creating.

Truth as we see it on our skin and in our third sight of truth..soul sight…there can be overwhelming revelations, that rips us from seam to seam..and yet upon the heart, is a deep breath of something…which is Self.. self-realization…of crossing beyond the time of reviews, where seeing this deeply, empties any residue AT ALL..of ONE MORE REASON…ONE MORE POSSIBILITY…and leaves abundant space immediately to catch our breath, and allow ourselves to center in the revelations of seeing through ourselves differently…

The revelation is so amazing, when all cords are released and the story completely changes, and You are the ONLY actor left in the story…..

Setting the Self free, comes with observing the surrendering to ourselves..…observing the strength of our Divine Will. Revelations show us what we now can accept, by opening the reviewing to give us “examples” of this surrender……and if we allow ourselves this higher observation, a fine revelation will be given…the awareness of the Self as accomplished!!!






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