We buried Nana and then I came out.

From:    J
Date:    14 June 2002 06:26AMTo:      SSubject: Big Week. 

Hey Sis, I tried to call last night but it went to voice-mail. I dunno if Mum’s been in touch with you but I told her I was a pansy yesterday morning. Told her in the car as she was dropping me off at the station the morning after Nana’s funeral. I figured I’d be able to make a quick getaway. She took it alright. She had a bit of a cry, asked if anything had “happened” to make me this way. I told her nah, it’s the way it is. I gave her a book with “SO, YOUR CHILD IS GAY!” splashed across the cover (très new age of me, donchya think?).  I don’t think she wants any of her friends to find out, but I dunno. It’s early. After I said “Mum, I’m a poof’ she did…

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