So often a diagnosis becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy

From:    J
Date:    24 July 2002 12:58 AMTo:      SSubject: 

Be wary Sis, this is a controversial illness.  Some people don’t really think it’s an illness in and of itself, more a label to slap on people who have more than one problem or who don’t slot in easily to another diagnosis.

They’ll wanna stuff you with drugs and you need to be careful with that.  A friend of mine is having hell’s own trouble trying to get off Aropax, it’s madly addictive.  When she tried to go cold turkey she was having terrible nightmares, nausea, night sweats, tremors, all sorts of stuff.

What recommendations has this shrunken shrink made? How long did it take to come to this diagnosis?  Do they want to keep treating you are are they going to refer you on?  If they don’t mention behavioural cognitive therapy then I’d certainly be looking for another…

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