But I’m just a cold fish.

From:    S
Date:    16 August 2002 11:23 AMTo:      JSubject:

Hi Babe, Mum got off  last night all ok.  God the guilt I feel, how is it at the age of 33 our parents can still mind fuck me.  Mum’s sport it would seem is to mess with my psychological state.  I miss her when I don’t see her but am decimated by her when I am with her, why does she find it so hard to tell me she love me bla bla bla bla.  Have a look at the *letter I wrote to her, (haven’t given it to her yet) what do you think?


I love you so much, but it is so difficult to talk to you face to face. The time never seems right. But there are some things that I do need you to hear and maybe this letter will let you take…

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