Beaming Light Be Willing


As I walked in gratitude this morning, before the rising dawn, I was reminded to BE WILLING today…

In gratitude, the view expanded, and the deeply meaning things are revealed as I feel the truth form the roots of the thing I call my life.

I feel the magnetic pull of the flow of things today. Create wisely, from the right eye, all that you desire..and with the left eye..ACCEPT all that you created……

We hear Gods voice when Self speaks through our hearts…and in stillness, we feel the extension we are…of God…of Source….of the Creator…..this is the guidance always, that we need to find our way home…

Changes are in the air, we have created this with the Universe…and we are witnessing the response …..

Be willing to touch truth..fairly..and feel the voice of the rising Self in Form..Guiding your awareness …..of this timing.

“There was a charm in being reborn into the world when one was old enough to appreciate it.” 
Thomm QuackenbushDanse Macabre (Night’s Dream, #2)

Truths open doors to the wealth of slumbering knowledge. This knowledge is not learned …it truly awakens within us, as we step fully into our unknown becoming KNOWN. We extend our reach…extend our acceptance…. WHILE  moving forward, whatever that direction is….

The Christ-Consciousness awakens within us…as patterns of Wholeness. We are RE-BORN into these timelines, to discover our ONENESS with God…our Creator/Source….TO BRING The Spirit to Earth…

Allowing the Self comfort, the Self Love, we assist this process to unfold naturally where we move from time and space ….to…ETERNITY. Peaceful calm, allows us to feel what comes up in this process truthfully….. there is no urging for movement or relocating…we are HERE this Moment…becoming new…transforming our entire everything. New information comes easily, as we allow our moments of meditation or stillness…void of habitual need to stay motivated. We already are motivated, or we would not be here now……

We are BORN NEW…born to new truth and wisdom…..  of being born to new life and new ways to be this New HUman Being species, in a world that has never been before now…for we have not lived it to Life yet. This is us….inspired to do so….we are ready……

 “Everywhere we shine, death and life burn into something new…” 
AberjhaniElemental: The Power of Illuminated Love

Be Willing……….




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