I just don’t believe that the hair in one’s ears should exceed in length the hair on one’s head.

From:    S
Date:    20 August 2002  05:30To:      JSubject:

J I didn’t give Mum the letter I was just too too scared, really I am. But I do want to mail it. Oh fuck it, I don’t know what to do.

I sent a tentative letter to Aunty Tia asking how she found mum when she was up there recently and I scantily touched on the negativity bit. I received an email this morning, now I know we incorporate our own tone when reading emails but it came across as a bit snotty to me, which made me think maybe mum’s problems are childhood based and Aunty Tia is a lot of them and of course this could be just one giant fucked up leap on my behalf.

Why does ‘family’ have to be so hard? Always disliked Dad’s side, particularly Parker’s- pure snobbery on my behalf- THEY ARE DUMB as…

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