Beaming Light Receive Your Self



Take a deep breath and feel it in your heart..expanding all cells and opening consciously to your awareness that this is YOUR heart…as you feel that breath…it is that YOU are feeling YOU….You receiving yourself through your heart..

Allow yourself to feel YOU, WHILE opening up consciously to your heart,…taking a breath…

Open consciously ….THIS IS MY HEART…feeling your heart…take a breath in, bringing the breath to each cell..claiming yourself through the heart…..

Be willing to RECEIVE yourself…..

Be open to the unfolding in Unity Consciousness as the awareness of this process opens. The very air you breathe IS OF YOU….Jesus Tells us this clearly in A Course of Love, to focus on our ACCESS to Unity… being in continual relationship to Unity….IT IS A CONSTANT EXCHANGE….

Receive yourself with no specific intended outcome…NO EFFORT….simply receive yourself…as you breathe in and fill your heart with the Unity of YOU……







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