Beaming Light Timely Message from Judy Satori


The message for today from Spirit…Monday 5 June…”We are with you. We want you to understand why so many of you feel uncertain and anxious…why some of you also feel unwell and scattered in your energies. In two days time…7 June… there is an important conjunction of energies coming up from Amenti, the place of creation within the Earth and from the heart center, source creation energy, emanating from 22 galaxies of a multi-galactic diamond-shaped grouping of galaxies.

The pressure that you feel, which is building up within you as you are a conduit between Heaven and Earth, will probably become stronger. You may feel worse over the next two days. Be gentle with yourself. Then the veil of not knowing will part and you see your new direction and your place within life. You will then be vibrating differently. Your new energy vibration will be part of a new you, which will open you to a new life cycle…a new chapter in your life and a more expanded sense of being.”

The message is that we are going through a powerful cycle of change right now. Just trust the process and don’t worry! I am feeling this very strong energy too. Remember, we are not like salmon…we don’t need to try to swim up stream. Relax. Let go and let God. Judy x


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