Beaming Light Setting Suns


We talk about the Light of our Souls rising as bright as Diamonds…we talk about the rising consciousness as easy as we see the rising sun…yet the setting suns are where we cross our finished lines and the celebrations are just as lovely there as the risings.

The feats we have accomplished…some without our knowing…are nothing less than miracles.

I have been waking up earnest and hardship since 2000. One step at a time…one rising sun at a time..and indeed…with each setting sun…..I took a deep breath and stayed the course…saying many times…the light of day will show the way…

When June 2017 came in…I felt new energy in big new ways.. I felt big waves of energy..changing my everything. It felt as if I was on top of a wave and it just was some kind of I would ride a bit then seem to go head first over and then I would simply rise up from inside the wave and be back on top.

In this space of new air, I tend to believe, I have grown accustomed to this not knowing maybe a bit too deeply…yet…the more I do not know and simply allow..the better my focus is becoming…

Yesterday, as I sat to write, as I do every day.. writing in my journal…something shifted.

I felt a very solid foundation under me. It was as if I had been tumbling and going around and around…I cannot describe it further…and I realized I was coming back to myself…my original self in form. This is what came to me…almost in a scream

“Its coming back around to your Self…that you were before…except so very different now. You see yourself so attachment..just meeting someone new that just entered the room farthest away from you….so you observe yet you FEEL the person. You realize right now… you went through ALL OF THIS AND THAT to simply take one step , which took the first 10 days of June, and land perfectly upright…..that was a BIG STEP..I will not deny myself safe passage here”  Everything of ME before that moment..simply was gone…in a flash…I felt changed…I felt the difference in my energy in ways I am still gathering info on..

I sat last evening enjoying the Cali breeze..and it was steady and it felt comforting, the sun setting… and suddenly..I heard distinctly a tune..and it played fully DECK THE HALLS..all the way to fa la la la la…la la la la…I looked I was somewhere else…or HAD been looking somewhere else…I felt dimensional layers ..and I asked my Hubs..did you hear..and before I could finish the sentence he said yes..I heard the tune Deck the Halls clearly….. I was speechless…it seemed to come from our chimes…the tones felt an infinity about them..etheric…yet loud and clear as if a radio was playing literally.

Awakening ..and the process of such…and the sharing and being human while doing all this…has sort of gotten in the way of the real process….We busyed ourselves as so not to realize how incredible and suffering this all  has been. Stopping to catch our breaths..share our joys and shatters..and rise yet further.

This completion …the truth of my fear..or the fear I clung to….was in my life story and came to a full expression and I was completely conscious of 1972…yet…it was a quick snippet of consciousness then…….but a seed indeed planted ….for my remembering in 2017…..

It is in touching and feeling that long ago moment…burst all of everything else within me…there were tears of complete joy…heart full and heart felt…and seeing life completely unearthed… and my awareness of it… I will NEVER FORGET the feeling of it being unearthed within me.

I am experiencing the swiftness of this energy and its ability to catapult us neatly to balanced points of awareness for our thoughts to be in pure forming energy. As within us…the worlds stage too…is changing radically and the views are many to choose from…for me…I feel the DOING ..Rising…the time for BE-ing..has completed..I will always BE transforming myself…now….though…..with nothing in my pockets to carry….

May your day be plenty…and may your heartfelt desires be plenty as they form your world full of rising suns…yet…feel  enjoyment…in relishing what is truly given…what is truly illuminated…within a setting sun.

I have no clue, if I will continue writing here. I have struggled with this since September of 2016, when words took on new tones and seemed less powerful….or less….period….than they were before.  I feel the living the words ALIVE is more enriching than writing with them..these days…

The enlightened moment of clarity..has released me from some foreign gravity that held me in place. Is this the beginning of a second phase of awakening where there are no words yet to describe the journey…on purpose? Maybe…Namaste’



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