Beaming Light is a space for sharing the Light, through words and music that move through and with me.

I have come through a few years, 17 to be exact, of awakening, and indeed, it has proven to be a horrible relief.

I have come to a space of faster or higher frequencies that respond to each thought and intended action, instantly. Learning to travel with and through these vibrations, these frequencies, is what I now share as I beam light into each and every moment of my journey.

No longer am I in the loop of releasing…releasing…releasing. I have indeed mastered this art of letting go..and my past simply does not vibrate here.

I am a Cali born hippie chick, and still live here…about 10 miles from where I began this human incarnation. I have indeed traveled, and lived in much of the United States, yet Home..was never a material place for me…it has always been a reflection in my heart, that I brought into each dwelling I resided in.

I am indeed a nomad, a seeker, and a mystic, that has come to a soft landing, here, and have found true contentment.My spiritual rising is an immense part of my life.

There is still much work to continue, as I rise with my own Ascension journey.

I choose to share this next part of the adventure here, while Beaming Light..

Take from here, what feeds your Soul, and allow the rest to simply Be…I am grateful for your visit. Create an amazing adventure as you journey through your moments, while beaming light…Namaste’