Beaming Light Enough


After the awakening, and I mean the deeply awakened realization…has purged you through and through…you begin to see…that you really are not creating a NEW are creating NEWLY with the building blocks that our awakened life is showing us. In creating WITH what is given us through our own surrendering to WHAT IS…we learn to GUIDE these building blocks.  You and the flow of Life are one in this awareness…and ultimately, you understand what is possible and what is not…what potentials have awaited your grand awakening and what potentials were never to be…and you now feel empowered by both.

It is here, it seems, that our spiritual awakening no longer matters. We have come through that experience and it in itself…is simply a past experience or a gateway we traveled through. It is here, that we discover a deeper maturity about ourselves….our balance is sharper…we have come to a new awareness of ourselves as the Soul that drives our vessel…. yearns for expansion…growth…experiences. We ARE awakened and are LIVING AWAKENED..and that’s enough.

The more you ALLOW life to be what IT IS…the more it is RENEWED through you. Our awakening is not merely an experience. We discover here, that our awakening has always been within us…we merely reached its frequency to awaken within us….our knowing of it…our realization of our own sleepwalking. We were given so many clues and short snap shots of something that felt familiar all along our sleepwalking path…it is once the purging has completed, we are given “pictures” in our third eyes…of experiences that was showing us…our own awakening promise.

Once we experience these massive shifts within us …and we come through our own fires of our own awakening process, we need not carry them around our necks…to be reminded of who we are…or where we have been…we Live  them..we reflect these steps we have mastered…. We have BECOME NEW on this Earth. We have brought the wisdoms and the maturity to Light within us…the truth has set all illusions completely free from the mind and the heart. To know this…is enough.

There is no end to this grand strange trip…once awakened…and once you OBSERVE yourself AWAKENED..freely…you are enough and life is enough and what is…is perfect for creating what will BECOME your new experience as you continue living your new life in the new energy you have a mastered understanding of. Use this energy…let it not lay dormant…be not bashful of it…surrender to your Mastery here.

This process, for me…has come to a maturity that allows me more room to relax into the next stage…whatever that might be. I know for sure…there are no illusions left in my life…I can see clearly now…and it is good…it is ENOUGH.

May your blessings be abundantly embraced..Namaste’